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11 May 2021

Hello from BestLocalData.com
Due to the pandemic BestLocalData.com is shutting down on the 14th of May.
We have more than a 100 million records of Key Executives all over the world.
We hope that this Data will serve other companies to succeed in their marketing efforts.
We have reduced all the prices to next to nothing on our website BestLocalData.com
We wish you the best in your future endeavours.


Fk Tksiuq

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11 May 2021

Hello from SendBulkMails.com,
We have a special limited offer for you to send unlimited emails.
We allow non-permission based emails and you won’t ever get blocked.
We also buy your domain for you and give you a clean IP and setup your DNS records.
Check us out on SendBulkMails.com


Jkizhni G

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29 April 2021

BestLocalData has an amazing special. 16 databases for $99.
LinkedIn(43million records) USA B2B (28 million companies), Australia, South Africa, UK, Germany and all of that included.
Instant delivery!
Or check out more on our website!


H knlpwyj

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8 April 2021

It was nice speaking to you the other day, this is the service I was telling you about that helped us boost our ROI almost 2000%
Its a company called Lifemail.studio sorry it took so long to get back to you. They allow you to send any email doesn’t matter what.
We dealt with a guy named Michael, he was friendly and got us setup really quickly.


D G Ysoso

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25 March 2021

BestLocalData.com has a special package you get any group of databases for $49 or $249 for all 16 databases and unlimited emails for a year(Domain, IP, Dashboard included).
You can purchase it on BestLocalData.com and see samples if you are interested.

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